Protection of Property Rights

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Luckett, Your Trusted Partner

Since 2004, Luckett Land Title has pushed to create a modern real estate closing experience with protection of property rights included.  When you choose  Luckett, we examine the title, provide title insurance, facilitate the transaction, and meet you at the closing table... your final step to homeownership! Choose a Luckett location on your next real estate contract!


The Benefit of
Title Insurance & Choosing Luckett

Why choose us? Simple. We make it our main objective to serve you and protect your property rights.

Find out why it’s far better to choose Luckett rather than trying to navigate homeownership without a trusted partner.

Real Estate Closing Process

With so many steps in between saying yes to a house and getting the keys in hand, Luckett is here to help navigate through the closing process. Click here to see how we'll help you in every step of the way.


Our Services

A title closing company offers peace of mind to all parties involved by providing the following key services: we examine the property’s title for any defects; we oversee the closing process; and we provide title insurance to both the lender and homebuyer to protect property rights.



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