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Trusted Partner.

Modern Closing Experience.

Protection of Property Rights.

At Luckett, we take these mantras seriously because we know you only expect the best when it comes real estate transactions.

Trusted Partner

We opened our first location in 2004. Over the years, our knowledge of the industry, integrity and customer experience have led us to grow to four locations in our home state of Mississippi.

Modern Closing Experience

We listened to our client’s frustrations about the traditional closing experience and changed the way we do business by adding eClosings as an option. We will continue to listen, watch trends in our industry, and stay at the forefront, so we can offer the most modern closing experience with every real estate transaction.

Protection of Property Rights

We are in the business of protecting property rights. To accomplish this, it takes a great team of title abstractors, title examiners, and attorneys that find and correct known title defects and a great partnership with the best title insurance companies in the business to insure against unknown title defects.

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